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Russia-China negotiations on sale of Su-35s almost concluded

Mikhail Pogosyan, the head of Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, said on May 27 that China's negotiations with Russia regarding the sale of Su-35S fighters and other military hardware are close to being concluded, reports the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television.

Pogosyan said China will purchase a large quantity of advanced Russian hardware including the Su-35S, the S-400 surface-to-air missile and an unknown type of anti-ship missile next month. Pogosyan said there were obstacles to the negotiations, however, when China wanted Russia to provide the AL-41F1S or 117S engine together with the the Su-35. 

Since this is a more powerful engine even than the Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 engine that powers the US F-22 stealth fighter, Russia has reportedly been hesitant about supplying it to China.

The Irbis-E passive electronically scanned array radar system of the Su-35S can be as powerful as the F-22's AN/APG-77 radar system. Pogosyan said that the Su-35, designed as a 4.5-generation fighter, can outperform the F-22 under electronic interference.

Moscow made the decision to sell 24 Su-35S fighters to China in November 2012. It was set to sign the official contract with China between one and two years after the decision was made. 

Despite the obstacles encountered during the negotiations, Pogosyan believes that the first Su-35S will be turned over to China in the year 2015. Russia is likely to make about US$1.5 billion from the 24 planes.

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