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Pakistan buys a squadron of F-16 at third hand. Sounds familiar?

Pakistan will buy a squadron of F -16 fighter jets at third hand. This news looks up to a point with what happened in Romania in the last months.

The difference is that the Pakistan Air Force are using this type of plane for years and with the 13 jets bought from Jordan will reach a total of 76. A round number.

The planes that will be sold by Jordan to Pakistanis were received from the United States and are the type A / B. Some voices say that they have passed through the MLU programme, others say, on the contrary , they haven’t been upgraded .

For those 13 aircraft, Pakistan will pay 300 million dollars, something less than 220 million euros.

In case you forgot , Romania pays for the 12 F -16s purchased at third hand from Portugal about 670 million euros. Of course, in this price are included training programs, some spare parts and weapons. But the difference between 670 million and 220 million (400 million, if you ‘re too lazy to calculate ) is a bit too high, no?

And you remember the statements of former minister of Defense? Do you remember how he said that the market for used F -16 is “dead” and that we are lucky to find those planes in Portugal ?

Well, you must know that Jordan allready has covered the sale of jets to Pakistan. They will buy 20 F -16 from the Netherlands! At second hand, of course.

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