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J-20: What's news...

The first low-speed taxi test took place on January 16, 2014,  high-speed taxi test on February 18, 2014. The aircraft was seen to have a nosed mounted EOTS and frame-strengthened one-piece canopy similar to those of American F-35 plus a new frameless holographic HUD. 

The emergence of EOTS suggests that J-20 could possess an AG capability using laser or TV guided PGMs. It also features reshaped engine intakes and smaller underwing actuators in order to further reduce RCS.

A new type of engine (AL-31F-M2?) was rumored to have been installed but this has yet to be confirmed. A tandem-seat trainer version (J-20S?) has been rumored to be in development as well but no details are available. 

More information: China Military Aviation
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