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Everybody loves Gripen

Slovakia turns to Gripen

After winning the Brazilian multirole competition, Saab is ready for the next big hit. Slovakia is interested in buying Gripen fighters. According to local media, the slovaks want to buy six Gripen fighters.

With these airplanes, they want to form a mixt sqadron with Czech Republic Air Force and so to protect air space of the two countries. American F-16 fighter is also cosidered by the slovaks, but Gripen has the advantage of price. (Aviatia Magazin)

The Enviable Gripen Deal

“Brazil’s decision to choose Gripen was the most important step in recent years towards the consolidation of defense industrial policy,” says Luis Nassif (a known Brazilian journalist) in a GGN article.

As per Saab’s proposal, the flight test program will be conducted by Embraer and other Brazilian companies enabling the country to participate directly in the development and testing of the aircraft.

The possibility of technological partnerships was a huge factor behind the air force’s inclination towards the Gripen right from the beginning, the report says .​ (Gripen Blogs)
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