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The J-20 and J-31, China's two new stealth aircraft, are still in development. However, secrets about the two other 5th generation aircraft, J-23 and J-25, were exposed on the Chinese Army website, as reported reports on the news portal "Qianzhan".

The fighter aircraft J-23, designed by the Shenyang Aviation Corporation, is not longer based on Russian technology, the report said. Shenyang airline chose instead to base the J-23 on the F-22 Raptor of the United States, so it will provide the Air Force or the Chinese Navy a better chance to fight a potential conflict with American planes.

According to leaked information, the J-23 has a longer body and two V-shaped vertical tails that look very similar to those used in the F-22. If China could achieve the 117S thrust vector engine from Russia, the maneuver ability of the J-23 will also be improved, the report claimed.

It also said that the J-25, China's 4th generation stealth aircraft designed by Chengdu Aviation Corporation, is able to shoot down the F-22 a few seconds. The plane, which was given the name "Ghost Bird", is considered one of the best stealth aircraft around the world due to the 3D printing technology of China. Analysts say that the main task of the J-25 is to challenge the dominance of the United States and its allies in the airspace over the Pacific, the future environment of Chinese aircraft carriers.

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