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The neverending story of Brazilian fighters

Brazil is trying to buy 12 fighters to your Air Force since the time of president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC) at 1996. The program called FX wanted substitute some Mirage III bought during militar government at decade of 70. Many attempts had failed for budget's reason and political interests. In the end of FHC government, He preferred to leave the decision to his successor.

When Lula arrived to power he finished the FX program without winner and made other called FX2. Now, the new program is more ambitious than last. The target is  buy 36 aircrafts and manufacture others with transfer of technology. The total of planes should be 128 cells according Brazilians plans. The idea is similar to the process for acquisition of Indian rafale. In this program are competing  the Dassault Rafale, Boeing A/F-18E "Super Hornet" and SAAB Gripen NG.

Lula bought 12 fighters Mirage 2000 to calm down the Air Force at 2005 when Mirage III was retired. The fighters were a temporary solution until the program be concluded because they had few hours available. Lula declared Rafale's win at 2009 under a lot of criticised because french's plane was the more expensive. He was forced to change his mind.

When he left the government, he did leave to Dilma decide. She put the program in freezer. In this year the program was very close to make a winner and Boeing's A/F18 was favorite. The Spy Scandal suspended the decision again. The government said "thank you Mr Snowden!" because we no had money to air force's new fighters in budget 2014.

Now the "temporary solution" go to retire. The six Mirages 2000 that still fly will stop in December's end. 

Brazilian's Air Force have some fifty Northrop F5 to air defence but they not have range or speed to interceptation. Now, the only alternative to FX2 program is the Sweden's fighter Gripen or other "temporary solution".
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