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The “new” F-16 fighters will operate from Borcea AFB

The “new” multi-role fighter jets of Romanian Air Force, the 12 F-16s bought from Portugal at third hand will be assigned to 86th Air Flotilla 86, at Borcea AFB. The announcement was made by portuguese partner. That’s because of our politicians and military officials alike are too busy lying to us about how wonderful are those aiplanes bought ​​from Portugal.

From 14 to 18 October a delegation of the Romanian Air Force undertook an official visit to Portugal to learn more about using the F-16s. Although we believe that this work should have been done before selecting the F-16 for the Air Force, but what do we know ?

In the official press release, the Portuguese said that Borcea AFB, near the city Fetesti, is modernized in order to receive the F-16 squadron, so the romanian specialists wanted to know what infrastructure works would be required to operate this type of aircraft.

From what we found out , the structure of the Air Force since 2017 will be:

- The F -16 squadron at Borcea AFB
- An enlarged squadron (16-18 planes ) of MiGs 21 at Campia Turzii AFB
- Transport planes at Otopeni AFB

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