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Gripen: Czech pilots hone their operational capabilities

Czech pilots, along with their Hungarian and Polish counterparts practiced air operations focused on interoperability including the close air support of ground forces against ground and air targets, at the Steadfast Jazz 2013, this year’s biggest NATO exercise in Poland, reports​.

Exercise Steadfast Jazz was designed to test both live forces and those involved with the command and control of NATO Response Force (NRF) troops using fictional scenarios. According to the report, planning air support of ground forces during operation required meticulous preparation and precise coordination among all types of troops.

The purpose behind Steadfast Jazz 2013 was to train and test the NRF for all kinds of potential missions, including high-intensity combat. Therefore the training required exercising complex capabilities employed by interoperable and multinational forces in a challenging environment. 

"Every foreign exercise is beneficial for us. When working outside the home base, the fleet will always be faced with many uncertainties, and other squadrons whose solution would comprehensively examine our readiness," said navigator 212 Tactical Squadron Lieutenant Pavel Linhart.

More than a 100 Czech soldiers participated in the exercise.

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